Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Sessi-Semester: 20132014-02


The Faculty of Electrical Engineering postgraduate degree programs prepare students for both professional careers and advanced study, with a strong foundation of basic principles. The programs use formal classroom instruction, seminars, and self directed studies to prepare graduate students to develop both technically and contextually appropriate solutions. Research is an integral part of postgraduate degree programs, providing research areas and opportunities for graduate student interactions with expert academics and outside professionals. Some of these research areas includes electronics, microelectronics, computer engineering, information technology, telecommunications, mechatronics, robotics, control engineering, electrical power engineering and energy conversion.



2014-03-18 22:14:47 Updated Lecture Timetable for MEP PSDC Part Time
Dear students,
please check the updated lecture timetable for MEP PSDC.

2014-02-27 15:48:25 Updated Student Status Form
Dear students,
a new updated form for the Application of Student Status is now available for download. Look under Forms menu.

2014-02-16 07:35:05 Project 1 Title Selection Deadline Updated
Deadline for title selection is 17 Feb 2014, 2.30 pm.

2014-02-13 11:34:13 Research Methodology Class Schedule
Dear students,
the research methodology class schedule will only be available on Week 6. Class will commence on Week 9. See Project & Research Schedules for more information.

2014-02-13 11:28:39 Updated Lecture Timetables, Final Exam Timetables, Research Schedule and Project 1 Opening
Dear students,
please note that Project 1 topic selection for Master Taught Course has been opened since 11 Feb 2014 (see previous announcement)
Also, please check the updated Lecture Timetables, Final Exam Timetables and Research Schedule.

2014-02-12 09:07:02 Updated JB Perdana Lecture Timetable
Dear main campus students (JB Fulltime)
please refer to the latest lecture timetable.

2014-02-11 09:31:12 Project 1 Title Selection Now Open
Dear students,

****Project 1 Title Selection****
You can now perform Project 1 Title selection starting from 11 Feb 2014, 9.00 am. Login to portal account at, go to menu Research Project Proposal > Project Proposal Selection and select 3 topics of your choice.
Depending on topics availability, you will be assigned one of your three choices. If all the topics are exhausted, you will be contacted again to select new topics. Your selection is final and cannot be changed. Please confirm your selection before pressing the Submit button. The decision of the faculty committee in assigning topics based on your selection is final and cannot be appealed. By performing project title selection from the website, you agree to these terms and conditions.
Deadline for title selection is 18 Feb 2014, 9.00 am. If you have any account issues, please email

2014-02-08 03:20:37 Lecture and Final Exam Timetables
Dear students,
Lecture and Final Exam timetables for 2013-14-2 semester are now online for all programs and modes. Please check both the lecture timetables and final exam timetables before enrolling into a course to avoid any clashes.

2014-02-08 02:37:59 New Student Briefing
Dear new students,
The briefing for new students will be held on Sunday 9th of February, 9.00am to 11.00am at Tutorial 1, P19a. You are all invited. Important information will be disseminated.

2014-01-28 12:05:20 Subject Pre-registration for 2013-14-2
Dear students,

you can perform subjects pre-registration by logging into your account and selecting, List Of Subjects Offered from the menu on the right side, and the click Click Here to Request Subjects at the bottom of subject request page. You may request up to 5 subjects. Click Submit.

Deadline for subject request is 5 Feb 2014. If you have any account issues, please email

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