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Computational Nanoelectronics (CONE)


Image result for razali ismail utmProf Dr Razali Ismail

Head of CONE Research Group

Office: 6075535222

Email: razaliismail@utm.my





Research Interests:

  1. TCAD device simulations on emerging device (discrete component) structures and materials, understanding the physics and its electrical behavior/characteristics:-  Strain-MOSFETs, Barrier Engineering, Multiple gate FETs (Silicon Nanowire, Double-Gate), Carbon-Based Materials (Carbon Nanotube, Graphene Nanoribbon, Graphene Nanoscroll), 2D materials (Graphene, MoS2, phosphorene, Boron nitride) for MOSFET, bio-sensor and flash memory cell applications.
  2. Device compact modeling for (1) SPICE-circuit simulation purpose (e.g:- Strain MOSFET compact model, Ballistic transport Nano-MOSFET, Non-Planar Double-Gate MOSFET (FinFET), Silicon Nanowire compact model, Graphene-Based FETs devices). (2) Non-idealities effect (e.g:- Short channel effects (SCEs), Quantum Mechanical Effects (QMEs), velocity saturation, gate leakage, mobility degradation, parasitic capacitance, etc..). (3) Parameter extraction (e.g:- Interface traps density extraction in MOSFET devices, silicon nanowire, MoS2-FETs, Graphene-FETs).

Current Students: Dr Azam Bin Mohammad, Post-Doc; Ali Hoseingholipourasl, PhD; Muhammad Afiq Nurudin Bin Hamzah, PhD; Lim Wei Hong, PhD; Fatimah Khairiah Bt. Abdul Hamid, PhD.

Image result for suhaila isaakDr Suhaila Isaak

(Senior Lecturer)

Office: 6075536204

Research Interest: Deep sub-micron CMOS process, flexible photo-diode, sensing application, hardware level design  and photon counting application.

Current Students: Amirah Shaharuddin, PhD; Khairunnisa Mohd Yusof, M. Eng; Wan Haszerilla Binti Wan Hassan, M.Eng; Muzani Abdul Rahman, Intel-utm; Azman Eusoff, Intel-utm; Erwan Zammi Elias, Intel-utm.



Image result for yusmeerazDr Yusmeeraz Binti Yusof

(Senior Lecturer)

Office: 6075536266

Email: yusmeeraz@utm.my

Research Interest: CMOS biosensors, advanced electonics device.




Michael TanIr Dr Michael Tan Loong Peng

(Senior Lecturer)

Office : 6075557171

Email : michael@utm.my

Research Interests : Semiconductor material engineering, carbon-based modeling, quantum transport in low dimensional nanostructure, R Programming

Current Student : Elvin Yong, M.Eng; Leong Chie Hou, PhD; Chin Huei Chaeng, PhD; Wong Kien Liong, PhD.



Image result for suhana mohamed sultan Dr Suhana Mohd Sultan

(Senior Lecturer)

Office: 60755357176

Email: suhana@fke.utm.my

Research Interest: Thin film fabrication, sensor application, TCAD simulation on devices, ionized/non-ionized radiation.

Current Student: Azfar Abid Nawawi, M.Phil; Harzawadi bin Hasim, M.Sc; Muhammad Luqman, PhD.



Image result for nurul ezaila aliasDr Nurul Ezaila Alias

Office: 6075536025

Email: ezaila@utm.my

Research Interest: Silicon Nanowire simulation, FET-based memory aplication, Nanoscale MOSFETs.

Current Student: 1 M.Phil; 3 M.Sc; 1 PhD.



Image result for zaharah johariDr Zaharah Johari

Office: 6075557191

Email: zaharahj@utm.my

Research Interest: Atomistix toolkit – QuantumWise simulation, Comsol Multiphysics-semiconductor module.

Current Student:




Visiting Researcher :

Image result for taghi ahmadi Dr. Mohammad Taghi Ahmadi

From Urmia University, Iran

Collaboration Works: Synthesis of Carbon nano-particle for nano-electronic applications, schottky transistor, resistor or lamp.

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